Group/Ungroup and Variable Fillets

 From:  Ray (WAGGONER)
As a former dedicated Rhino user I find MOI a joy to use and a welcome release from Rhino's endless pull-down menus and sub-sub menues.
Clearly Michael's aim to create a 3D modeling application for non-technical artists, designers is taking shape beautifully.
With a whole two weeks use I have already tripled my workflow and rekindled much of my lost creativity with only the odd program crash to mutter about.

Having learned so much from this superb forum already I have only two questions for the advanced users amongst you:

1. Is there a work around for the Group/Ungroup function as it is really frustrating trying to manipulate multiple elements (image attached) - and can a script be written for it?

2. Is it possible to create variable width fillets?

Thank you again Michael.

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