Snappy enhancement request....

 From:  Michael Gibson
1951.9 In reply to 1951.8 
Hi Lemo, the problem is it can be kind of dangerous to provide a snap that makes it feel like something is grabbing an accurate point when it is really just grabbing a rather arbitrary spot.

It can give you some false confidence about the accuracy of the snap. I think it is pretty important to give snaps on actual accurate points only and then you don't have to worry so much about trying to guess how accurate a particular snap is.

A black and white scan is just going to typically have a rather rough collection of dots, looking something like this:

It's just fundamentally not an accurate thing to snap on to, just grabbing the closest black dot to your mouse is not really going to give you a good accurate result...

Using your own judgement about where to place a point and using your own eyes to judge color values and ranges is just far more sophisticated than what I could come up with in a computer algorithm.

I just do not feel confident about being able to give you a good result by doing this.

- Michael