Suggestion about hiding objects

 From:  Michael Gibson
195.2 In reply to 195.1 
Hi Richard, I think I understand your suggestion, I was also just discussing it on the next message thread down.

This is the way that I was thinking it would work - if you push "Hide" and there is nothing selected, then that means you want to show objects. Right now it shows all objects, but I would change this to temporarily display all hidden objects, then there would be a prompt in the upper-right corner that said something like "Select objects to show, or push Done to show all". Then you could select some of the objects you wish to show, push done (or right-click in a viewport which is an alias for "Done"), and then only those particular objects would turn visible, the other hidden objects that you did not select would remain hidden.

Does that sound right?

I have kind of a backlog of stuff to do, so it will take me just a bit to get to this.

- Michael