More complaints...

 From:  Johnny (JOHNNYBEGOOD)
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You said that it get's tricky because an object will snap to itself. But, what I'm talking about is POINT snap. If a SINGLE point is selected, it should be able to snap to any other point. It works great in Rhino. However, using MOVE, as you suggested, does work very well.

A keyboard shortcut for CUT would be a welcome addition, but it does throw a wrench into the idea of modeling without having to use the keyboard. However, I consider CUT a compulsory tool. In my Rhino workflow, I CONSTANTLY use cut in conjunction with hide/unhide to manage my curves and surfaces. It's sort of a curve/object keyboard ballet. ;>)

Some more suggestions:

It would be nice to have Select > Curves and Select > Surfaces functions (again, to assist with the juggling of curves and objects while modeling.

Perhaps, most conspicuous by its absence is a Network Surface command. I assume you are working on it since it is a cornerstone of NURBS modeling.

The viewport navigation buttons (zoom, pan, etc.) FREQUENTLY get in my way. This is the ONLY thing about MoI that I consider to be EXTREMELY ANNOYING. It would be FAR, FAR better if they were wide and low instead of tall and narrow (as they are now).

Finally, I find MoI to be a SUPERB 2D drawing program. I also use Adobe Illustrator, but completely DESPISE it. In the popular vernacular -- Illustrator Sucks! Both Rhino and MoI absolutely CRUSH Illustrator in terms of it's core function -- drawing vector lines. Maybe you should be working on MoI 2D? ;>)