More complaints...

 From:  Johnny (JOHNNYBEGOOD)

I have a few more complaints, er... suggestions: ;>)

1) Now that I've figured out how to use the yellow snap buttons, the snaps work as expected -- EXCEPT -- I cannot get the endpoint of a curve to snap to itself (to its other end, for example). As an inconvenient workaround, I have to draw a new curve to close the gap, join the curves, turn points on, then delete a point to shape it. My point is (Ooh! I made a pun!), once a point is selected it should be able to snap to ANY other point.

2) There is no Adobe Illustrator (.AI) export! This is a must.

3) Although the freehand drawing tool creates beautifully smooth curves, a smooth tool would still be nice to progressively smooth (remove detail) from curves.

4) I know people are making a lot of feature requests (myself included!), but please do not lose MoI's simplicity by adding too many. Moi's simplicity is one of the things I like about it. Don't try to be Rhino. I LOVE Rhino, but Rhino seems like WORK; MoI, on the other hand, is FUN. Don't lose your niche.

5) I can't figure out what the Rotate/Pan/Zoom options panel does. If I check Reverse Zoom Button, for example, nothing seems to happen.

6) The Restore Defaults button in your menu boxes is a GREAT feature. In a lot of programs, I'm often afraid to make changes to menus because I fear I'll never be able to restore (that is, remember) the original settings. It's little touches like this that let me know this program is different from most others (in a good way).

7) The Zoom and Pan buttons are too touchy. The way they zoom gives me motion sickness -- seriously. Rhino's zoom is MUCH better because it only zooms if you move your mouse/stylus (if you stop moving it stops zooming).

8) You have Copy and Paste buttons -- a Cut button would be very convenient to have. I tend to use cut and paste in conjunction with hide/unhide to manage my curves when modeling.

Well, that's my list. Again, I think the program is AMAZING -- even in this beta stage. With a few more improvements/tweaks it will be incredible.