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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Michele, welcome to MoI!

Unfortunately modeling a car is a really pretty difficult task, you should be prepared to spend quite a bit of time refining techniques to get good at doing that.

It's not really an area that I have a lot of experience in so I won't really be able to help you very much with it myself, sorry!

Probably your best bet is to look for some car tutorials that were done using Rhino, here are a couple of links that may be useful to help get you started:

> Online there are tutorials but not for Moi, for me is a new world and very difficult.

I would really recommend starting out with some more simple models first so you can get more accustomed to how the NURBS modeling toolset works first before trying to tackle such a difficult model.

There are some video tutorials available here:

And some other ones listed here:

Going over those non-car tutorials would probably be a good step in the right direction because it would help to get you more familiar with the general toolset first.

- Michael