Object Edit Frame query

 From:  Michael Gibson
1930.7 In reply to 1930.5 
Hi Pilou,

> it's not possible to move the objects selected by it
> "center" (same than the pivot of rotation)?

You can use the Transform / Move command to do this one.

> Maybe by an arrow middle bottom box (like up arrow
> rotation) so the middle pivot of move will be visible and
> moving the box by this move pivot will be easy?

It would definitely make that operation easier, but it is a big goal for that edit frame to only have a very minimal impact on the screen. I mean I have tried to keep it very sparse and light and not clutter things up.

That has a very big overall benefit of making it easier to keep it turned on all the time without it getting in the way.

Each thing that I would add to it would start to take some of that away, so I can only really add in stuff there that is very frequently used - right now I don't think that dragging by the center point really fits in that category.

But I am planning on adding some other bounding frame functions in the object properties panel, to let you set the width and height of the object. I think I may also have some functions in there for moving the object to a location based on the bounding box, so I think that might be a place where I can add this type of function - we'll see once I have a chance to work on that area.

> Actually we can see only one middle of the box in moving if we pick
> the larger middle side or hight middle side
> and pivot is invisible and we must make 2 moves! ;)

Sorry Pilou, I don't quite understand what you are mentioning in this part.

That pivot point that you see is never used for moving at all, only for scaling or rotation. It shows up when your mouse is over a scaling or rotation grip, but if you move off of that grip it is not shown.

- Michael