Object Edit Frame query

 From:  Michael Gibson
1930.2 In reply to 1930.1 
Hi Danny, it is possible but it has a couple of problems...

One problem is that it would mean storing additional orientation information along with each object. It's not much more information for a solid, but for a simple object like a line it kind of bloats up the stored information by a fair amount.

I kind of hesitate to add in too much extra data to every object. Maybe I'm overly paranoid about it, but if you add in a bunch of stuff to the definition of each and every object in the geometry database, then large collections of simple objects like a large number of lines start to consume a lot of extra memory than they really should.

Maybe it would be a good compromise to keep track of the orientation of only breps and not curves... Or maybe I should just add it to everything anyway. I'm not quite sure.

Then there is another complication which is what if you have 2 objects like you show there, and you have oriented them in different directions and then you select both of them, what would you expect for the frame to show in that case?

- Michael