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 From:  Michael Gibson
1930.13 In reply to 1930.12 
Hi Will, the way that center snap works is it will find the center of a few particular kinds of objects, not necessarily the center of just an irregular solid.

It will find the center point on circle, circular arc, or ellipse curves (or edge curves), and also on polyline curves like a square or rectangle.

It will also find a center point on a face that has trim curves made up all of lines, like a face of a box.

My guess is that your shape did not have anything that fell into these categories, but it is tough for me to say for certain without seeing the actual model file.

I would like to add some functions to create a point at the centroid of a solid's mass, or at the center of its bounding box, but probably not as a full regular osnap because it would add a kind of strange snap off in the middle of space for most cases...

- Michael