Object Edit Frame query

 From:  WillBellJr
1930.12 In reply to 1930.11 
Hi Michael,

On a related note, I was having problems the other day trying to get the >Center< snap to activate for something I was working on...

I forget exactly what I was doing and what kind of object it was (curve, solid) but no matter what I did, I couldn't get a center snap in the middle of it when it was selected.

I seem to remember I was working at the "top" of say a Cylinder or an enlongated cube (think roof of a high-rise building) - I think I had the curve outline of the solid selected and I was trying to either scale or position something else in relation to that center point but I couldn't obtain a center snap of that selection??

However more recently, I've been seeing the center snap display on solids and other closed surfaces without problems (figgas being that I didn't need it now!)

I'm wondering is there any difference with that snap when using curves over solids? (I seem to remember that being the situation while I was working.)

And yes, I had definitely checked to make sure that snap was enabled!

I'll see if I can repro what I was doing and solidify the details but I believe it was a curve (assuming planar, possibly not) that I was attempting to get that center snap on.