Object Edit Frame query

 From:  Michael Gibson
1930.11 In reply to 1930.10 
Hi Will, it's a good idea but that is pretty well already covered (match to some existing orientation) by the older transform tools, since they let you pick specific points to orient the transforms.

Like for example if you want to scale something along one particular direction, if the edit frame is not oriented in that direction you can instead use Transform / Scale / Scale1D instead - it will let you pick the origin point, and the direction point to orient how the scaling is applied.

Similarly if you want to rotate something by a relative angle to some existing points, the Transform/Rotate command will do that since it asks you for a center point and then a base point for the rotation so that base point allows you to set the same kind of orientation.

That's one thing that is nice about having those Transform tools that handle orientation already available - it let me make the edit frame more focused on doing more simple kinds of stuff very quickly instead.

- Michael