Boolean help

 From:  Michael Gibson
1911.6 In reply to 1911.3 
Hi lee - I've attached here some surfaces with the handle filleted into the bottom.

To merge this into your existing model, delete the 4 large surfaces - the 2 for the bottom handle, then the 2 for the bottom of the upper housing, then use File/Import to import the attached model and then Edit/Join to join it to the rest of the model.

That sort of varying alignment between the pieces made this a bit touchy to construct, to do it I used Edit/Separate to break things into individual surfaces, and instead of trying to boolean or cut those surfaces with each other directly instead I used Fillet to build a surface/surface fillet between them.

The surface/surface fillet (which will be done if you select 2 individual unconnected surfaces and then run Construct/Fillet) can create fillet surfaces in places where the regular edge-based one will fail. But then you often have to do some cleanup work on the fillet like here I had to trim the fillets with a line to clean them up so they would match up and could be joined.

Somewhere along the line those pieces got kind of slightly off-axis, the regular boolean and fillet type procedure would have probably worked here if the pieces were all aligned to the world axis.

But anyway I hope this filleted version will be helpful.

- Michael