Problem with V2.aug.04

 From:  Nick (BODINI)
1908.7 In reply to 1908.6 
Aha again!

I tried the most undoable thing, which was the anti-aliasing option. See the attached screen shot.

When I had the problem, the setting was set to "Use my preference emphasizing:" and the slider was all the way over to 'Quality'.

Then I ticked "Let the 3d application decide", restarted MoI and the problem was gone.

I did this a few times and yes, it is definately a factor with the issue at hand.

I know that I set it to 'Quality' myself a few months or more ago. I cant remember what app it was changed for though... I dont care anyway.

I will update the driver when you reply back, but I'll leave it on there for right now in case you have any other questions. KWIM? :-)

And here i always ignore video card type threads on any forum because those are for fools with outdated systems. D'ohhhhh! :-P

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