StarWars Walker WIP

 From:  medi (MALD)

I've started modelling an AT-AT walker. Attached are .3dm files(both modelled in MOI) and renders(done in Vue6 Infinite) of the foot and complete leg. It's not a completely accurate model so SW fans please don't complain(I've added a few of my own ideas)!

AT-AT plans show some grooves around the perimeter of the circular foot. I would like to boolean these into the foot but I wonder what would be the best way to do this - I can do horizontal and vertical grooves easily enough(just subtract sloping cylinders) but what about diagonal grooves on the sloping surface of the foot? Ideas would be welcome.

Will need to model the body, head and guns to complete the project.

Very much looking forward to the object management tools to make it easier to manage complex models like these.


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