Mesh To Solid alternative ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1901.9 In reply to 1901.8 
Hi Burr, there are specialized kinds of reverse engineering software that will do that kind of a thing, it is a pretty detailed process of fitting surfaces to that scanned data.

Some software you could try for that:

Raindrop Geomagic:
headus CySlice:

A few different ones for Rhino are listed here:

Some of the best software for doing this tends to be like in the $10,000 range or so, it is not an easy thing to handle.

MoI is just not focused on this entire area of reverse engineering, I don't think that it is really feasible for it to ever really get focused on that myself but maybe in future versions when I have more emphasis on enabling 3rd party plugins, some other developers may offer some kinds of plugins to do that kind of a thing...

Rhino generally has a lot more of these kinds of reverse-engineering type tools in it, so if you need to do that kind of a thing probably Rhino would work best for that purpose.

So it is definitely possible, but it is not a focus area for MoI, you'll need to explore other software to handle it.

- Michael