Mesh To Solid alternative ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1901.7 In reply to 1901.5 
> Agreed but it seems like IGES could be another
> option that will come into MoI ?

It doesn't look like it handles any kind of NURBS surface data at all unfortunately - it mentions:

IGES (entity 106)
IGES (entity 110/102)

Entity 110 is a line curve, and entity 106 is a kind of set of point data which is sometimes used by a few programs as a way to store a polygon in an IGES file but not really widely supported. MoI's IGES reader will read in certain forms of entity 106 as a polyline curve.

It usually does not work very well to try and convert a polygon mesh object with a large number of facets in it into a NURBS solid with a trimmed surface for each facet - the entire structure of NURBS solids is intended to have surfaces made up of larger sheets instead of tons of little flat pieces. There is some overhead to the NURBS structure because it stores stuff like trimming curve information, 3D curves, 2D UV curves, and surfaces for every piece - for a regular model with large sheets this works well (and enables many of the NURBS type functions such as better booleans, fillets, etc ...), but when all the surfaces are little tiny facets, all of this extra information tends to add a lot of memory consumption.

- Michael