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 From:  Michael Gibson
19.4 In reply to 19.3 
> for the isocurve extraction i suggest to put it in the draw curve section...

I was thinking maybe about having a Curve button inside the "Construct" section, it could have extract isocurve and it might be a good place to also have some other curve generation tools like contour lines and section-cut lines.

I kind of think of the Draw Curve section as place where you create something brand new, only from mouse clicks.

The construct section is for things that involve building things using existing objects in some way, like creating an extrude from an existing curve.

Since the isocurve comes from an existing surface, it sort of feels like a "construct" one to me.

I have had a problem thinking of where to put contour and section-cut curve tools, so it seems like this could work for all of those in one spot. Maybe project curve to surface too.

> yes i've been using it ONLY with a tablet!

Please let me know if there is anything that doesn't feel comfortable!