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 From:  Michael Gibson
1898.15 In reply to 1898.6 
Hi Danny,

> and the object edit frame in V2 is being utilised more
> and more, when I go back to V1 sometimes, without the
> object edit frame it feels like I've lost a few fingers :)

That's definitely good news, I was certainly hoping it would help to speed up transformations! :)

Yeah, I am also noticing the feeling of something missing when using v1 too.

Your demo video shows off some of the cool parts of the "quick but precise" functions of it, since the edges of the edit frame can snap on to other objects - that's kind of a key function that this style of frame gives which is different from the way that a "universal manipulator" type thing works which are commonly used for polygon modeling programs.

Some people were asking why I didn't use the same kind of manipulators as polygon programs use - your video is a great and simple explanation of the reason why, since you can scale an object to line up with another particular point instead of just by some arbitrary scale factor.

- Michael