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 From:  Michael Gibson
1898.11 In reply to 1898.3 
Hi Anis,

> BTW, when will you can post the preview of Object
> Organization ( even in the first stage ) ?

I can post some stuff after I have started to work on it! :)

I am still right now finishing up a few things that I had wanted to get into the current beta but did not have time to do before SIGGRAPH.

It's not too much stuff but it may take me about another week to work on it, it is hard to know exactly.

Then I will release another beta, and then after that I will be all ready to focus entirely on object organization stuff.

I'm sorry but it is very hard to guess at time tables for things, it is not unusual for some bugs and some problems to take a while to solve.

But it is better for me not to rush and create a lot of bugs, doing each step carefully is slow but lets me keep the software at a really high level of quality.

I could go faster if I didn't care about fixing up bugs as I go along, but I don't think you would be happy with the end result of that kind of an approach.

- Michael