Import Second Life Sculpties into Moi

 From:  Michael Gibson
1897.7 In reply to 1897.4 
Hi Rose, actually one thing that may be a bit difficult is that a sculpt map I think is meant to generate a polygon surface output.

MoI does not work with polygon data, MoI works with a completely different kind of data called NURBS surfaces.

Wings works with polygon data - that is why there isn't any way to export data from Wings into MoI because Wings is using a totally different method to define 3D objects than MoI uses.

For a sculpt map, I can try to do something that converts the data as a NURBS surface, but if just use the sculpt map's points as a NURBS surface the resulting shape will be a bit sort of "melted down" from the original shape that you see in SL.

So I don't know if a converter that does that (modifies the shape somewhat) would be useful to you or not.

- Michael