Control Points on Solids

 From:  Michael Gibson
1896.3 In reply to 1896.1 
Hi Timspfd, unfortunately the way that NURBS objects are structured makes it difficult to show points in situations where the solid is made up of trimmed surfaces.

When 2 surfaces are joined along a trimmed edge, there are not necessarily any control points from the "underlying surface" running along that same direction.

Please see this FAQ answer for a more detailed explanation and some illustrations that try to explain this issue.

One method you can use is to select the solid and run Edit/Separate on it to break it apart into individual surfaces. You can always turn on control points for individual surfaces. But it is also pretty easy to pull the surfaces apart so that they don't touch along what used to be shared edges - that's why MoI does not let you turn on points for a solid like that normally.

- Michael