my first completed nurbs project- transforming minivan/smart car thing

 From:  jehan
I've entered it into this NASA contest for kicks and giggles, the link below has details on how this thing would work, and a sort of slideshow of it transforming. also the more pageviews i get, the better chance of winning i have so please click!

this was the first complete project that i finished in a nurbs modeler. i had had some sketchup experience before. MOI is so easy that i picked it up without much problems. i basically started out with a line drawing of the side (i havent learned how to sketch yet so i came up with it within moi) and then extended the various lines along the y axis until i got to a place where i had some sort of rough 3d outline of the thing. then i started in on the surfaces, i was all about sweep at first but this became difficult as the ends of the swept surface are very hard to control. i switched to network, which worked well for most of it but it was pretty labor intensive because of various problems. i was forever having to drag the endpoints of line segments to reconnect with other lines, especially on the swooping fenders. for example i would connect the end of line a to the middle of line b and create a beautiful surface. then i would decide to change the profile of line b, which would disconnect line a and screw the surface up. it would be nice to have a "glueing" feature which would make points stay on the lines they are snapped to, even when those lines are altered.

ok i actually have a whole list of other little improvements that i thought of, but ill stop myself here so it doesn't get too confusing. i'll post all this stuff over the next few days as i get the explanatory screenshots ready. thanks for the great program michael!

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