sweep not working at all on this..

 From:  Michael Gibson
1894.7 In reply to 1894.5 
Hi jehan,

> maybe it would be worth it (after the million other
> things you have to do of course) to put in some sort of
> "auto snap" that would correct these tiny discrepancies.

It's definitely a good idea! But unfortunately in practice there are many difficult things in implementing this.

One big problem is that it could be pretty time consuming to try to examine collisions between all different kinds of shapes in a complex model, it could really slow things down a lot for all cases even if the final check did not detect any problems...

It is also difficult to analyze the kind of "chain" of behavior, like for example in this case with mirror you could actually be snapping the mirror axis line on to some other object and not even nearby that end point... So like in that kind of case it is hard to adjust the snap point of the mirror line to take into account the result of the mirror instead of just the points you are actually snapped on to....

There are just a lot of difficulties similar to that...

- Michael