Export .ai file - open in Inkscape

 From:  BurrMan
1889.16 In reply to 1889.15 
That would be a version miss-match. For instance, if you try to read it into moi, it will be blank also, no error.

Trying to figure out version for version etc is your task. Your corel is an old package, probably not your best bet. Inkscape is a whole other animal.

Are you on Linux or just that it's free?

Inkscape strives for svg. Try to open this in inkscape.

If the svg file works for you, then you may want to go to the inkscape site and read up on there ai convertor. Since they want to do svg and adobe handles it differently (by keeping the ai and svg seperatly in binary) then there is a process to make your inkscape compatible with other packages.

Hope this helps!

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