Export .ai file - open in Inkscape

 From:  Michael Gibson
1889.12 In reply to 1889.11 
Hi Michael T. - do you have CorelDraw or do you have the Corel "Photo" program?

If you have CorelDraw, try loading it into there instead of the Photo program - it should have better support for this format.

For now you'll probably need something like Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, or Xara to work with this 2D file currently - these programs are more focused on dealing with 2D vector graphics data so they should be able to open this file.

Many photo programs are only focused on bitmap handling and not so much on vector graphics data.

Inkscape is a vector graphics program but unfortunately they have not yet supported this older kind of AI file.

I guess the other approach you could do is to open it with Adobe Photo Deluxe and then save it out from there as a bitmap and then open that up in your Corel Photo program.

- Michael