Solenoid Valve WIP

 From:  PaQ
Wow really cool object, so cool details :)

I don't want to hijack the thread, but as you are talking about lw 9.5, I have some questions :P

I'm starting a new job tomorrow, a ride movie, and I really hope I can use MoI for some content creation.
Looks like lw 9.5 can finally read vertex normal from .obj files, however I just send some testing object to a friend who's already working on the project,
and it's a mess ... the object looks ok in the opengl viewport, but not in the rendering, every normals from the vertex normal map are inverted :S

Do you have any tips to correct that in lightwave ? (the first solution is to flip the object normals and force the 2 side face rendering in the surface editor, but it's not very sexy, and will gives many troubles for transparent surface, self shadows, slow gi etc)

I suppose the only solution is actually to get some support from Newtek, but as there are not very responsive I'm afraid the project will be finished before a fix will be released.