Solenoid Valve WIP

 From:  Grendel
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Thanks Jiro ;)

I have used Carrara for quite along time and it outputs a good still image and is a very inexpensive package. I have also used C4D for a long time to a lesser extent due to it's cost structure. I usually skip a version between upgrading. I had v6, 8, and now 10. I like what I see in v.11 and now that I am actually making some profit from this (it's my little job on the side) I may get to upgrade.

As to the other packages I have (Modo and Lightwave) I have just not put in the time required to get too a level I am comfortable with yet. I purchased them either through competetive upgrade pricing or sales when I had some extra cash.

I have XSI 5.5 and liked the render engine but did not like the nodal shader system. I could work with it but it just took longer to get the materials I wanted. I would like to get XSI7 but now without foundation I think it's too high a price for my needs.