Solenoid Valve WIP

 From:  PaQ
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Hello Michael,

The vertex normal works for .lwo as well ... somehow :P

At the first loading of the .lwo, the opengl show the model perfectly ... in the surface editor there is a new 'vertex normal' tab that show the vmap used, and it's active.
However hit F9 (render), nothing is smoothed, just flat shading

Deselect and reselect the normal map in the surface editor ... now it's rendering correctly, except of course that the normal map is inverted (.obj behavior)

Really wondering if these guys test their software ... I'm already nervous grrrrrrrrr

I'll ask tomorrow, with the guy who's managing the licenses at my new job, if they can have some support for that problem.
But as they are already in production with lw 9.3, they are not very hot to switch to 9.5 just for me anyway :'(