Solenoid Valve WIP

 From:  Grendel
Have not posted any new work here in quite some time so here is a little solenoid valve I use at work. The solenoid housing(on the left) is filled with a dielectric fluid to pressure balance the internal pressure vs. seawater pressure. They are used to 10,000ft water depth so they see could see 4500 psi if they were not flooded. Model in MOI and render in Carrara and C4D. The blue material render is C4D and the color is Carrara. I'll be doing a color in C4D as well.

I'm trying to keep sharp on C4D because I do not feel that Carrara has a bright future. Granted it's still the little engine that could that put's out a very nice still image but development is slowing to a crawl on the features I would like to see added.