Where to go from here!

 From:  BurrMan
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Thanks for the inputs Danny and Michael.
I think I've been a little confused on what "parametric" means so I'm not so scared now as I think it's not what I thought.

I'm figuring out I'll need a "couple" tools to do the things i want. The main thing is a solid start.

My question I guess is towards this. Danny, an NX guy, could probably open Rhino and go to work. definatley MoI and do sweeps, revovles etc. The knowledge of the general nature of things makes him "A qualified Designer". The move to a new software would more or less be a bit of time learning the interface and a few lingo differences.

If Burr spends his time learning "Maya", He still has no clue when he wants to model cnc stuff to send to his cam package.

Searching all the products seems to show me this. Packages do design that is sent to second cam software, or, cam software tries to say they can design also. (obviously 2 seperate feilds)

I'm a single fellow in my house. I'm not in an environment with 50 other guy's sharing work. However, I may need to step into the world of mechanical designer, sending things to CAM, but still want the ability to model 1.2 mile mall level building design. May be an oxymoron (moron being key word there!).

I suppose the point would be that I realise there would be different softwares involved for what I'm asking, though, my time learning "SOMTHING" would be best spent.

(Danny, could and nx guy step into archi software and learn buildings? Could a buildings guy do mold injection?) etc, etc.....

Differences in Rhino and Solidworks. If I was proficient in Rhino, could I use SW? If I spend time learning SW, does Rhino become second nature tool I could purchase And work right off? What are these softwares strong and weaks! I may be investing a couple years into learning a software. One may "Rollover" into the other better.

Does this make sense?

I've been looking at OneCNC, MasterCam. Rhino, Solidworks. the first 2 as CAM packages only, the second two as design.
(I'm open to Rhino supplementing Solidworks, or vise versa)

The package should be able to do Mechanical design above all else. sent to CNC. The archi and other is just for ability.