Where to go from here!

 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
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Hi Burr,

Is it a CAM package you are looking for, so that you can import MoI models into and start machining or a CAD/CAM package which has both the modeling tools and then you jump into the CAM module or plugin of that same package to start programming for machining?

There are a few guys with the forum who use either, or both.

As for Solidworks it's mainly taylored for the Mech. Eng sector no Archi there, and yes it uses NURBS and has a lot of third party support, as in specialty plugins for specific sectors, so does Rhino though.

Solidworks uses Parametric design method, which has a history tree of all the features you've used.

If you maybe be more specific on what you want to achieve or manufacture it might make it a bit easier, at the moment your request is quite broad as in terms of CAD, CAM, Architecture and Rendering.