Where to go from here!

 From:  BurrMan
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Sure Danny your right on. If I can convey my intrest I'm sure you could answer.

When I say training, I'm not going to college to become a Mechanical Engineer. I mean going to "Solidworks" Classes or "Rhino" Classes. I think the softwares offer training. I would have to start at "Know's Nothing" and progress through to a point where my intrest, ability and needs are met.

Lets seperate 2 area's here.

1.Design, inspiration and ability (Individual)
2.Tools available, Environment exposure, resources to draw from (circumstances)

I'm refering more to 2.

When I talk of you being proficient in NX I mean we dont have to explain "2 rail sweep" to you. more so there are functions in Rhino or Solidworks I would not understand as MoI is not in this area. You would know this as it must be standard stuff.

>>Yes, but both guys would have to be trained in these fields and gain experience, you have to realize that the software doesn't teach you how to design, the designer uses the software to convey their ideas.

Theres the point. An artistic guy would have to know what the toolset is capable of and be aware of whats available to move forward. Learning the software opens the possibilities and also "I beleive" sets limitations.(These limitations are overcome by the experience you mention, but I would be limited in my approach until I gain this experience. ie; different software does different things). With this I could utilize different tools in the future as i realize what I need to perform.

Hence, Taking a Rhino Class to learn their software will open many avenues for me. ("I never thought of it like that!).

So I guess does the 2 equate (Solidworks and Rhino) is a question to expound on. Does one give a more "Well rounded" experience or are they so mutually exclusive that you need both classes? Does well versed in one move easier into the other? (a Solidworks guy may use rhino for that thing rhino does so well, but he doesnt have to be an expert to utilize rhino... already knows functions of design, but may not work vise-versa, ie; would rhino guy be able to or need to utilize solidworks?.)

This could go on forever I suppose.

I'll be designing actual parts and things like assemblies, but i wont be designing buildings. Interoperabilty is a key factor.