Where to go from here!

 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
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Hi Burr,

> an NX guy, could probably open Rhino and go to work.
> definatley MoI and do sweeps, revovles etc.
> The knowledge of the general nature of things makes him "A qualified Designer".
> The move to a new software would more or less be a bit of time learning the
> interface and a few lingo differences.

I feel there is a misconception here, please correct me if I'm wrong.
In some ways the above statement is true, once you've gained experience in modeling with one 3d software if you use another 3d software the learning curve is greatly reduced compared to someone who has just started out in the 3d world.
But, using NX does not make you a better designer than someone using MoI or Rhino, these are just tools used to express ideas and designs in this digital world of ours, otherwise as in the past we would still have great ideas and designs but would be presented via some other medium, be it on paper or an actual hand crafted model.

> could and nx guy step into archi software and learn buildings?
> Could a buildings guy do mold injection?

Yes, but both guys would have to be trained in these fields and gain experience, you have to realize that the software doesn't teach you how to design, the designer uses the software to convey their ideas.

I've always had the belief, If you are passionate about something, I mean real passion and interest, you will learn everything there is to know about that subject, so if a Mechanical Designer has a passion and interest in Architecture they would learn everything there is to know about it and become a good architect because they enjoy doing it.
But on the other hand if you are passionate about 3D modeling you will become a good 3D modeler, but it doesn't make you a designer.

> I suppose I want to be able to do Plastic injection Molding, and
> Parametric change design, and also draw a 50 story building with all the detail.
> Where is my 2 year training best spent. Are the 2 training courses complimentary or exclusive?

When you say training, is that training in the aspect of those fields of expertise, because there is a lot more theory and experience involved in these fields than there is 3d modeling, as I mentioned before 3d modeling software is only a tool just like the 'T' Square and drawing board was in the past.

Hope we're on the same page here.