Where to go from here!

 From:  BurrMan
I would like some input from Michael, Danny and other's.

I would like to get a "Robust" package to move up to and work with MoI. I love the 3dm and the way it comes into Cam side.

My main intrest is in the cam side but also am looking at the rendering, archi, scene type capabilities as well (seems they dont alway's go together).

I would have to do the "training" thing and invest mucho time into being proficient with the new package so ease isnt the need. Also cost (under 5000) isnt the decision factor either.

I beleive NURBS package is what I want.
I've been looking at Rhino and also Maya. (I think Parametric is well beyond me)

Do maya's NURBS equate to Rhino's?
Many use SolidWorks. Are they NURBS?

Am I on the right track?

I understand some choice depends on the desired outcome, but want input from some who have been doing it for awhile.