Confusing Tab key handling

 From:  Michael Gibson
1865.4 In reply to 1865.1 
Hi Petr, thanks for reporting this - part of this is intentional but there are a couple of bugs in there to clear out as well.

It is intentional that the tab should work as enter in some situations, it is not so much tab actually as it is focus leaving an input control - that is intentional that when focus leaves an input control that the value will be commited same as if you pushed enter, but I think it is a bug where it is committing the existing feedback value in the control instead of only committing it if you had typed in new input.

The reason why tab / focus leaving works like enter is to enable this workflow - say you want to draw a rectangle of width 10 and height 5. With the "commit on tab" system you can do:

Start rectangle

Click corner point.

Type 10 <tab> 5 <enter>

By having tab commit your entered value instead of only having enter do it, allows for that workflow otherwise you would have to do an extra keystroke in that situation.

This particular part should be the same as v1 though.

> Ellipse/Center handles Tab key as expected.

Ellipse/Center actually does not finalize itself even if you use enter to fill in the width and height - it keeps waiting to take in 3 points to give the ellipse an orientation.

> In other commands, it looks like the label is eating Tab key event -
> e.g. Array/Circular - try placing a mouse cursor over "Angle to fill"
> label and hitting Tab key several times.

Yeah this one is a bug caused by a combination of a couple of things - first of all the "Angle to fill" label thing is in the tab order even though it doesn't really respond to keystrokes, so I should remove it from the tab order which is easy to do. Then the second part is the new behavior that will make Tab place focus on the first input if it is not already on some other input - this triggers that when the focus goes to the label. Once the label is not in the tab order it should behave properly.

I'll take a closer look at these when I return from SIGGRAPH and get them tuned up.

- Michael