How do I do this simple thing?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1863.17 In reply to 1863.16 
Hi Duke, if you are interested in curvy parts, then certainly it is worthwhile to keep exploring MoI.

I mean despite MoI not being as fully optimized as SketchUp for blocky type stuff, I think it is very fair to say that MoI does handle blocky stuff better than SketchUp handles curvy stuff.

It will take a bit getting used to, like drawing 2 nested rectangles instead of one rectangle and then interior lines.

The blocky handling in MoI means you have to do like an extra step, not really that you can't get the job done at all...

But I mean what you are basically asking for is a program that does everything that other specialty programs do equally as well but also none of the specialty program's weaknesses.... I mean I can understand why you would want that but it is a pretty tall order, you may have to kind of adjust your expectations a bit there, especially when it is relatively early on in MoI's life cycle. I mean MoI version 1.0 was just released this year, SketchUp is in version 6.0 ...

Especially early on in MoI's life I have actually tended to try and make it useful for doing different styles of things than existing programs, the idea there is that it then gives you a useful extra tool to do new things, rather than just trying to do the same things that can already be done very well elsewhere. This will kind of change a bit as MoI matures some more.

- Michael