How do I do this simple thing?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Duke,

> Thanks for the reply. For that first example, I was hoping for a few less
> clicks/a similar workflow to sketchup or form-z as you can see at 1:23
> here:

MoI is not currently super-duper optimized for doing this kind of block modeling...

It is something that I would like to tune up in the future though, I think with MoI's toolset there is a good possibility of adding more functions to the Extrude command so that it would be able to add or remove material directly built into the extrude.

Currently you do have to do things like do the extrude and then do the boolean after you have done the extrude. It's not a particularly big deal if you are doing simple things but yes it would be nice to be more streamlined if you have a lot of them to do.

It hasn't really been a big priority to make that super efficient yet in MoI partly because I kind of figure that if you are doing a whole bunch of blocky extruded architectural shapes, that SketchUp is a highly tuned tool which is focused almost exclusively on doing nothing but that kind of thing, so why not use the right tool for the job instead of MoI for that kind of a thing?

But that's just the explanation for the current priorities, I do expect to improve this area in the future.

Usually people don't focus on using MoI as a replacement for SketchUp to do SketchUp-like things, rather they use MoI to do things like curved objects which are not really feasible to do in SketchUp's kind of block-based operations...

- Michael