How do I do this simple thing?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1863.13 In reply to 1863.2 
Hi Duke,

> Problem B:
> I made a base shape, filleted the edges and extrudes the top face
> up. I then did a boolean->union but was left with these 4 useless
> curves. How do I delete them to keep things clean?

Those are edge curves, they are in there due to the way you built the model out of smaller pieces which were then combined together.

MoI will try to glue joined planes together into larger single planes when this happens, but it will not currently do that to other kinds of surfaces, that is why the planar sides got "healed" into a single surface but not the rounded fillets.

Generally it is a better idea to put fillets on last after you have done other things like adjusting the heights of objects, you're getting those extra edges in this case because you've got the fillets on earlier than the height adjustment.

Those extra edges are not really causing a major problem in this case, there isn't any really easy way to get rid of them, it is possible to do it by deleting those fillets and doing some surface modeling to create a new longer single-surface fillet piece in there instead and then join it in, but it probably isn't worth the effort.

I do want to improve the history function of MoI in the future, when that gets better adjusting the history of the extrusion height will be the preferred way to alter heights rather than gluing small chunks together like you did in this case.

- Michael