How do I do this simple thing?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1863.12 In reply to 1863.1 
Hi Duke, just wanted to add a comment for your question #1 -

> I know how I'd do this in a poly-modeller, and in sketchup i'd just draw
> the main square then draw the other two lines and extrude it, but how do
> I do this in MoI? I want to grab the smaller box and extrude it and have
> everything be one piece.

In SketchUp when you draw in those lines, they kind of automatically modify the existing shape to divide it up into different regions.

MoI does not work like that - when you drew in those 2 lines in MoI, you get 2 new line objects and they are not merged with the existing rectangle. That is the big difference.

There are a few different ways you can get what you want - it looks like you want some kind of shape with a large rectangle and a kind of small rectangle feature - to do this in MoI you would probably draw 2 rectangles and then extrude each of those rectangles.

So to get the smaller rectangle shape in MoI, draw it as a rectangle instead of drawing 2 lines in there.

I'm not quite sure what exactly you want for the final result here, do you want the small rectangle to be punched out further from the larger rectangle? Probably I would do that in some separate steps then, draw the big rectangle, punch it out with extrude, then draw the small rectangle, punch it out with extrude and use boolean union to fuse those 2 boxes together.

- Michael