How do I do this simple thing?

 From:  BurrMan
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Yes Moi does actually do the 2d curve extrusion as you want with floor plans. There is one small difference with it than the formz example you provided and thats that MoI doesnt "Automatically" determine a full curve based on the others it touches. For instance, draw your big square, then the smaller square would have to be drawn as a full square also, not just 2 lines. This can be done with the corner to corner or 3 points options. Then these can be extruded and added or subtracted as you want.

If you had an existing floor plan drawing and you wanted to do the same thing in MoI, you would have to do a "trim" with the segments to define your squares or objects you want to extrude first. a few more clicks than formz or scetchup.

I'll post some examples in a bit.


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