Spaceball Oddities

 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
1858.5 In reply to 1858.4 
Hi Michael,

I Predominately work in 3D view and find it difficult to work this way.

> You may be used to the other style where twisting the controls
> is more intended to spin the object around rather than the view around.

Yes, this is where I come from and find it more logical, like having the object in my hand and working on it.

> By default the last kind of twist is disabled, which is like tilting your
> head to the left or right. You can enable this kind of tilt if you wish by going to
> Options / View / Rotate/Pan/Zoom Options / 3Dconnexion options
> (on the right-side column), and enable the "Allow rotation tilt" checkbox.

Yeah, I've got that enabled, but it's still missing that twist around the axis I want.
I guess I'll just work with MoI a bit differently to what I'm used to.