Spaceball Oddities

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny, maybe the thing that you're not used to is that in MoI the space ball does not work by "moving the box" - I mean it is not focused on manipulating the object directly.

Instead it is focused on manipulating the viewpoint.

You may be used to the other style where twisting the controls is more intended to spin the object around rather than the view around.

So in MoI, a left-right twist is equivalent to doing a right-mouse drag in the left-right direction which will spin the view around the z axis.

Pushing up or down is equivalent to doing right-mouse drag in the up-down direction on the screen which tilts the view up or down vertically.

By default the last kind of twist is disabled, which is like tilting your head to the left or right. You can enable this kind of tilt if you wish by going to Options / View / Rotate/Pan/Zoom Options / 3Dconnexion options (on the right-side column), and enable the "Allow rotation tilt" checkbox.

Maybe this last kind of tilt is what you are looking for - but with this kind of tilt enabled you are no longer kind of "stabilized" to have the up direction pointing upwards towards z like the normal view manipulation controls are set to do.

- Michael