Spaceball Oddities

 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
1858.12 In reply to 1858.11 
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the explanation, I understand now and the logic behind it.

> I would like to make an option for the second style of rotation.

I'll be looking forward to when you implement the second style.

> I didn't want to do that by default for MoI though since it doesn't
> really map to a very natural type of movement like the first one does.

I wouldn't say the second style is unnatural though, because it is a natural way of working as a craftsman, like a jeweler or a furniture maker, where you are working with the object with your hands and rotating it around its local axis. If I was working on a ring, I wouldn't walk around it to work on the other side, I would just turn it over.

The style you have in MoI is more suited to an architectural environment and I agree it is a more natural movement in that type of modeling.

Thanks again