Spaceball Oddities

 From:  Michael Gibson
1858.11 In reply to 1858.10 
Hi Danny, here is a comparison of the different methods.

MoI's method works like this:

As you rotate, your view stays pointed in the same "upwards" direction. MoI is currently focused on this type of rotation since it is more similar to what happens in real life if you have an object on a workbench and you are walking around the workbench to look at it from different angles. It basically keeps your head pointing upwards.

The other style rotates like this:

That style doesn't try to keep your head pointing upwards, and notice how you actually dip below the ground plane - normally when you are walking around a room or doing something in a regular natural environment, you don't move around underneath the ground like that. But this style does keep a more regular kind of localized behavior regardless of which direction you are currently oriented in.

I would like to make an option for the second style of rotation. I didn't want to do that by default for MoI though since it doesn't really map to a very natural type of movement like the first one does.

- Michael