Spaceball Oddities

 From:  Michael Gibson
1858.10 In reply to 1858.9 
Hi Danny, yes this is because your view in this case is does not have the "up" direction going towards the world z axis. Notice how the world x/y grid is not "underneath" you.

In the model that you posted it is like you are laying on your side on on the floor instead of with your feet on the ground and your head upwards like you would normally be when walking around in a room...

There is twist happening, but it happens around the world z axis instead of around your local "up" frame of reference.

This method of rotation helps to keep you kind of "stabilized" with respect to the z axis. It makes for movement more like real life where you would walk around and look at things in a room, because when you move around in a room you don't slant your head or tilt your body so that your head is pointing in some direction other than upwards...

Many solid modelers do tend to have the totally "local" reference type of rotation, I've always found that to be pretty unnatural because you quickly end up with orientations that are not like natural movement.

But I would like to add an option in for that style of "local"-based view rotation, others have requested it as well and I have put it on the wishlist to keep track of it.

- Michael