MoI System Requirement

 From:  Michael Gibson
1857.9 In reply to 1857.8 
Hi Val, currently I don't really plan on focusing on DirectX 10 anytime too soon - one big problem with it is that it is Vista only, and the majority of people using MoI are currently on XP.

The performance improvements for DX10 are not really like 20-30% totally across the board, it's more in some pretty specific areas which I already took care to avoid running into with MoI's DX9 usage. So I actually would not expect to see any performance gain by using DX10 in MoI's particular case.

There is a bunch of interesting stuff in DX10 for certain special effects, but there is still a lot of stuff shader stuff available in DX9 that I haven't really dug into too much yet.

I think just the DX9 level shaders will keep me occupied for a fair while when I get a chance to work on more of that stuff.

- Michael