Thoughts from a 3D archi guy

 From:  duke
I'm the in-house 3D guy at an Architectural firm. Most of the time I'm receiving Revit models now, but for the most part I make odds and ends specified by our interior designers, and elements that would take ages in Revit, so I looked at Rhino but had trouble getting around what seemed like very restrictive workflow (ie. you can't do this to a solid! you have to convert it to a curve first!). So I came across MoI, which seems to be sketchup on drugs (made of nurbs). I'm really liking it so far, however i'd like to check a few things first:

-A layer system, or the tag system Mr Gibson is going to implement (sounds great, I like the idea that it will get around the limitation of the layer system).

-Check that I can import dwg's, which ill convert via illustrator to .AI or .EPS or whatever MoI excepts.

-Check that I can export something useable in autocad. Often I'll resolve things in 3D that the architect hasn't in their 3D drawings, so I pass this onto them via a DXF when modelling in Max.

So over this coming weekend i'll test it out and hit the forum up with questions! So far I have to say it's looking like a no-brainer. Poly modelling just isn't natural for semi-organic forms that require precision. If Modo had nurbs i'd stick with that, but it doesn't, and the workflow isn't really suited to precision. Also the fact that I can buy a license and take it with me (most of the time i'll just have it at work but I can bring it home and do stuff too, like bringing my VRay dongle home) is a big plus.