Precision control

 From:  Michael Gibson
1848.3 In reply to 1848.1 
Hi Burr, can you describe the process of how you are making it 5 units?

I mean are you moving the mouse around and watching the readout until it says 5, or did you type in 5?

It's not a good idea to do the first method (just wave the mouse around until the readout says 5) unless you have grid snap or something on, because like Danny mentioned, the readout is rounded to the nearest 0.01 unit by default, so for example if you are at 5.002 units the readout will read 5 since 5.00 is closer than 5.01 .

If you need more precision with the readout, you can increase that display precision, but instead of that I would recommend entering a precise value directly when you want a particular result.

Like for example when you want a radius of 5, then type in 5 <enter> (you don't actually have to click first, just type 5 and it will appear in the radius edit box).

That kind of direct entry should eliminate any kind of rounding problem.

- Michael