Unofficial beta Aug-1-2008 release notes

 From:  Michael Gibson
1840.3 In reply to 1840.1 
Thanks very much for gathering up all these notes Petr!

Let's see a few other things...

Join has been updated to use an adaptive tolerance, instead of a fixed tolerance for surface joining. The way it works is it examines the bounding box around the objects to be joined, and uses a tolerance scaled by the bounding box's size.

This helps make the joining tolerance adapt to the size of objects better, and should help it work better on things like large sized objects. This is kind of experimental right now, if it seems to work well then I'll gradually move other functions over to use this kind of adaptive tolerance as well.

Also there is an improvement to IGES import for the automatic joining of surfaces into solids - the importer will now only attempt to join together pieces that are on the same IGES "level" (the IGES equivalent of a layer). That should help when importing files which contain many parts in them.

Updated keyboard handling of Tab key - you can now use the Tab key to set focus on to a numeric input box (either the first one for a command if the command options have one, or otherwise the x/y/z control). Normally you don't need to use this since if you want to enter a number, you can just type that number and your keystroke and focus will automatically go there. But if you want to type an expression like sin(PI/2), etc..., then you can use Tab to put focus there first before typing.

For the Aug-4 release, added support for expressions as x,y,z point values. There are currently 2 ways this works, if your locale has a decimal point separator that is not a comma, then you can use a comma to separate the expressions for each coordinate, like: 2+2,sin(PI/2),5 Otherwise a second mode you can use is to surround each coordinate with an outside parenthesis, like: (2+2)(5/2)(5) .

- Michael