Line colour Obj23dmWireframe converter

 From:  Michael Gibson
1837.2 In reply to 1837.1 
Hi Barry, currently there isn't any way to change the line color of objects in MoI on an individual basis.

But adding that is going to be a part of the whole effort on new object organization type tools which will be coming pretty soon for v2.

There is an option to change the line color that is used globally for all objects... I'm not sure if that will help you or not, but to do that you have to edit the moi.ini file, which is located here (on XP, Vista is slightly different):
C:\Documents and Settings\ [your login name] \Application Data\Moi\moi.ini

Under the [View] section, there is an entry:

You can change that to a different r,g,b value (entries from 0 to 255) if you want to change the default line color to something different.

**Edit** - oops now I understand you weren't asking about "Construction lines" as in the dashed lines that you can drag out as guides, but about using reference geometry to snap on to (and have different colors for the reference geometry). That isn't possible until I can get to some of the object properties editing work for v2.

- Michael